This rookie author entered the copyediting process with trepidation, steeled to fight to protect my vision of the book. But working with Deb turned out to be a delightful experience. To be sure, she smoothly and expertly fixed all of the technical issues with the manuscript. More importantly, she worked with me — somehow managing to combine both a light touch with a firm hand — to produce a tighter, more readable product that not only protected but improved my original vision. That took skill and wisdom, and Deb has both, in spades.
— Charles Kamasaki, Senior Cabinet Advisor, UNIDOS US
Deborah Heimann is a great editor. She is not only highly skilled in the uses of language, she takes into account the style and sensibilities of the writer in making her corrections and suggestions. I highly recommend her.
— Ernest Hebert, author of The Old American, Never Back Down, and the seven-novel Darby Chronicles
I run the Writer’s Center of White River Junction, VT, and Deb is my go-to referral when someone needs quality editing. I have heard many, many high praises for her work with writers.
— Joni B. Cole, author of Good Naked: Reflections on How to Write More, Write Better, and Be Happier (2017) and Toxic Feedback: Helping Writers Survive and Thrive (2006).
Thanks for all of your excellent copyediting work on my text. My book is clearly better and I’m far more confident in its accuracy because of it. You do exemplary work.
— Richard A. Griggs, author of Psychology: A Concise Introduction
Deb Heimann’s superb editing skills have helped my writing come alive. Her gentle, thoughtful comments and suggestions were always right on. She has edited two complete novels for me, and I know I can pretty much click on “accept all changes” and be confident that the grammar, syntax and structure are as they should be. Her work has been completed on time, and at a reasonable cost. Highly recommended.
— C.I. Dennis, author of the Vince Tanzi series
I’ve been working with Deb Heimann for over twenty years. She is the editor/dramaturg to whom I bring new work, especially work that is breaking form or pushing the envelope on subject matter. I can only describe her talents, insight and skills as brilliant. She has repeatedly cut to the core of problem issues I didn’t know existed or did but could not articulate. My pieces – both short form and long, fiction and memoir – burst into their full potential because of her feedback. I cannot stress how much better my work has become and how much I’ve grown as a writer because of her efforts. She truly is a rare editor.
— CO Moed, author of several works of fiction, plays, and the My Private Coney project, blogging at It Was Her New York
Deb did a meticulous job copy-editing a 400+ page curriculum for us and was a complete pleasure to work with. She worked at a rapid clip, catching inconsistencies we had failed to notice; the fact that she is an experienced editor was immediately evident. She was thorough, great at communicating with us, flexible, and really immersed herself in understanding the project. We feel like we have another author who has joined us in our commitment to this work.
— Janice Bloom and Lori Chajet, co-directors, College Access: Research & Action (CARA)