Deborah Heimann is a great editor. She is not only highly skilled in the uses of language, she takes into account the style and sensibilities of the writer in making her corrections and suggestions.

I listen to you. I ask you questions. I listen to your answers.

I support you in your quest to connect more deeply to your story, to how you want to be seen and heard in this world.

I am a practical, methodical, efficient, and careful reader of creative nonfiction, history, memoir, fiction, and textbooks.

I am a precise editor of copy, clean proofreader, thorough indexer, and inquisitive collaborator.


Work with me to…

◦ reveal the best way to present your arguments

◦ unearth the inconsistencies in your mass market beach read

◦ discover the holes in your memoir

◦ catch the unnecessary commas in your research

Deb Heimann’s superb editing skills have helped my writing come alive.

Copyediting I pay close attention to clarity, sense, word choice, redundancies, and inconsistencies in tone or narrative voice. This level includes revisions for spelling errors, typos, punctuation, and capitalization; I also note awkward sentences and transitions.

Deb is my go-to referral when someone needs quality editing.

Line Editing I make suggestions and questions directly in the text, with more substantial revisions described in an overview summary document that accompanies your revised manuscript.

Proofreading I correct formatting issues, typos, punctuation and capitalization errors, and anything that jumps out as extremely awkward.

Indexing I create a text map, to be included at the back of your book, of words and phrases that are key to the concepts within it.