Editing is about wonder. About curiosity. About what moves us, internally, with a vibration that brings something new to our consciousness and sometimes even quakes us at our core. It’s about listening, asking questions, getting to know the writer, listening some more, asking more questions. It’s about supporting individuals in their quest to connect more deeply to themselves, to their stories, to how they want to be seen and heard in this world.

I see editing as a conversation.

When I work with you, I tell you what I hear, what I see, and when something isn’t working. I fix errors, question phrases, offer suggestions, and note for you what stops me in my reading process.

You consider my suggestions and questions, think about what might be getting in the way, and respond with something even better.

At the end of the day, though, your voice rules.

I support and clarify ideas, stories, reports, articles, and essays. I polish manuscripts and proofs.

I collaborate with you to create the best finished publication possible.

The best editors love what they do. That’s me. I love it.